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Friday, 11 July 2014

Transformers Takeover Contest - Your Help is needed :D

Hi everyone, i am currently participating a contest held by Transformers Malaysia. If you are so kind, please help me by clicking this link Transformers Takeover Contest  then go to Gallery and click like for this picture under my name ' Aimran B. Kamarul Bahrin'

Thank you very much~

Thursday, 10 July 2014

Transformers Age of Extinction (AoE) Toys r' Us Exclusive Bumblebee Evolution pack Deluxe - Pictorial Review

Hi everyone, as everyone still in Transformers 4 movie fever. Its time for a new transformers 4 AoE figure review. This time we take a look on the new Bumblebee figure. In the movie, Bumblebee will get an upgrade to new bodies and car-mode. 

Source : Internet

This pack are Toys R' Us Exclusive and come with a previously released Legend Bumblebee and Yellow colored Dotm Jolt's weapon

Side of the packaging. Nice G1 Bumblebee artwork.

Out of the packaging, i must say that i am very satisfied with the mold of Bumblebee. It looked slick and slim. The plastic are standard quality of AoE Figure, quite sturdy. No flimsy or fragile parts. That quite good.

The color are more orange than yellow. Need a bit more color on the hand. The shoulder pad (The car headlight) can be turn forward to cover the joint but i prefer the above setting.

Side of the Figure
The weapon or the star Shuriken can be stored on the back on Bumblebee, to imitate the movie appearance. 

Back of Bumblebee
The kibble are not that bad on figure. 

Closer look on Bumblebee Face
There a light piping in the head. Not painted eyes and there a small Autobot logo on top of Bumblebee forehead. Quite good face sculpt, detail and almost screen accurate. Oh, the best part is Bumblebee have flip down Battle mask!! Awesome

Battle Mask ON!
The Battle mask may not screen accurate and need more paint on his eyes but still Hasbro are kind enough to include it.

The other cool feature of the figure are the hidden hand canon!

Flipped our Hand Canon

Battle Mode ON!

With Star Shuriken

The Head on Ball joint, 360 Degree Rotation and can look down and up.

Ratchet Joint on the elbow and Swiwel on shoulder. No wrist and waist movement. :( More paint job on hand is needed.

Ratchet joint on thigh and standard leg articulation for deluxe figure. No tilt ankle movement.

Comparison with others figure

With High octane Bumblebee

Almost same height with the new deluxe high octane Bumblebee

Side Comparison

Back Comparison

With DOTM Bumblebee on the middle

Transformation Sequence

Alternate Mode

Bumblebee Transform into 2014 Chevrolet Camaro concept Car. As you can see below, some part do not peg properly and can see some space between the panels. Especially on the back part of the Car.

Need to paint job on the Rims.

The other part that bother me are the two tone of yellow color that can be seen below. Its a more lighter yellow on top while darker color below half of the car.

No paint job at all on back of the Car. Come On Hasbro =.=

From the top

Below of the car.
As you can see, the star shuriken can stored below the car. I am quite happy anytime a weapons can be stored in Alt. mode.

Comparison with other Deluxe car

As this pack come with legend/scout size Bumblebee minus the Minicon/Targetmaster. No retool are done, only some minor paint job difference can be seen below

Left : The one that come with Aoe Bumblebee

Overall, i am quite satisfied with the new mold Bumblebee. The only annoying part are the car mode and some different tone of yellow color they used. Hopefully they can fixed this with the single pack. Thanks for viewing!