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Monday, 19 May 2014

Transformers Age of Extinction (AoE) Exclusive Chrome Scorn Deluxe - Pictorial Review

Hello Transformers Fan everywhere, sorry for not updating the blog so often. Have been busy with class and life everyday. Only left 1 months and 1 week before the premier of the fourth live action movie Transformers Age of Extinction or AoE and of course with new movie, we get new movie toy lines. On 16th May Midnight, i and the Members of TransMY got the chance to join the Toy R' Us Malaysia Transformers AoE Midnight Madness special launch of the new movie toy lines.

Me (in blue shirt holding a black box) and the members of TransMY
There are 6 countries in Asia that have Midnight Madness special promotion namely Malaysia, Singapore, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Thailand. Each country have their own promotion and rules for getting the chrome deluxe and the lucky draw. For Malaysia, each person must buy the Toy R' us exclusive Transformers 4 Age of Extinction - Platinum Edition Evasion Mode Optimus Prime & Grimlock Set and must spend over Rm 600 (equivalent to 185 dollar) to get 1 Free random Transformers Chrome deluxe Wave 1 (Limited to 100 pieces each participate countries), 1 piece of Transformers Then & Now figure set (2 inch non-transformable die cast), Rm 10 voucher, a chance to win a Limited edition GOLD leader Optimus Prime and 2 pieces Transformers 4 Movie Prmiere Tickets.
You can read other countries promotion here :
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I was lucky to get a chrome Scorn and i have to thanks Amy Shippuden from TransMY for sharing with me in spending over Rm 600 T.T .

I mainly will review the difference and comparisons of Chrome Scorn with normal Scorn.  Below is the CG image of scorn, whether Scorn will come out in movie or not is still not known until now. I guess we have to wait and see the movie then :p .
By the way i notice that CG Scorn have 2 fins on top of his body while the toy have only one fin.
Souce : Internet
The Box 

The figure come in a small black box with a big Autobots logo. Obviously the only difference with other Chrome figure's box is the name display on the box (Duhh...). Other than that, all the box have the same design.

Front of the box
As you can see figure rest nicely inside the box below.

Inside the Box
On the back of the box : Product does does not convert or articulated in different poses and may cause crachs on coating  of the product. Hasbro is not liable for any damage as per mentioned. (Nice warning there...)
Back of the Box

Comparison with normal Scorn packaging.
One thing that annoy me is that all the chrome figure does NOT include with any accessories, manual or weapon. Again NOT INCLUDE! Why? Ask Hasbro. I can accept that its does not include manual but the weapon?! Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy?

Empty space for weapon

The Figure (Dinosour mode) :

Out of packaging, the chrome figure felt heavier than the normal scorn. Wow, just wow when i held it the first time. The joints are tight and even the rubber part (the Fins) are chromed but the coating are not perfect. Some of the area are not coated especially the head and inner part of the body. I only transform twice (If you have one, please be very careful especially on the fins part).

Out of the cage!
The transformation and the figure itself is the same with normal scorn. Other than the chrome coating, everything else is same on the figure. No retool or alteration on figure. It can transform just fine despite the warning. It have the same articulation and movement and its not even affected by chrome coating.

One of the part that left un-chromed :( Boooo...

Close-up on the un-chrome part

Close-up on the face

From the front

From the left side

On the back

From the right side

I m' seeing double @.@

Dinotbot Riding~

Robot Mode : 

The part that not chromed is more obvious in robot mode. The head is not even chromed and i think it was purposely left out.

With Legend Optimus prime

Comparison with normal scorn (robot)

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with normal scorn weapon

From the back, you can see the fins are twisted a bit due to rubber material and chrome coating

Remind you of someone? ;)

With Generation whirl

With Construct-Bots Dinobot rider Optimus prime
My final thought? It was worth it to line up for 2 hour to get this figure ( I even run out early from my College Annual Dinner to line up) . There are not many chance to get a chrome figure in my opinion. Only Japan constantly have promotion and competition to get exclusive chrome and gold figure. For me, this a chance in a life time. Who knows what exclusive figure will be offer in Transformers 5 movie?

 Even thought its not perfect,  I m' very satisfied and happy that i join this event with other TransMY members. Thanks for visiting this blog and hope to do more review when i m' free from exams. T.T

Feel free to leave comment and question. Thank again. :D