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Friday, 14 March 2014

Cybertron Con 2013 Henkei Jetfire Exclusive - Pictorial Review

Hi Transformers Fans everywhere. Under the TransMY Reviewer Community, this is my first review on transformers toys ever. So pardon me for any mistake that i may do. For those who doesn't know what is TransMY or Transfans Malaysia's is a Transformers fan and hobbyist group dedicated to the Malaysian-based Transformers fandom. You can find out more about us on and .

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Transformers Cybertron Con is a regular convention for Transformers fans and collectors in Asia. Cybertron Con 2010 was the first official Hasbro-sanctioned Transformers convention to take place there. (Source: TfWiki). In 2013, Cybertron Con release 2 exclusive figure with new packaging, that is Henkei Jetfire and Masterpiece Grimlock.

Jetfire based on the Marvel comic design
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No matter old or new fans, almost everyone have heard the name Jetfire. From the Generation 1 series until the live action movie, jetfire have been always been a fighter jet or some kind of flying aircraft. In the Generation 1 (G1) Skyfire(or jetfire) and Starscream were good friends and fellow scientists. On a mission of exploration to prehistoric Earth, Skyfire was lost in a storm. Starscream searched, but there was no sign of his comrade. 

Millions of years later, after the Autobots and Decepticons had crashed and awoken on Earth, the Decepticons found Skyfire encased in a block of Arctic ice and revived him. Skyfire joined them due to his past friendship with Starscream, though he expressed discomfort with their methods. When Skyfire's compassion for humans and, later on, several Autobot prisoners led to his disobeying orders, Starscream, who had changed much in the intervening millennia, turned on his friend. Skyfire left the Decepticons and joined the Autobots, sacrificing himself to be buried beneath the ice again to stop the Decepticons' plans. (Source: TfWiki)

Originally named Skyfire in the Original Generation 1 series, the name changed to Jetfire for the Western toys release and back Skyfire for the Henkei Japanese release. There are many theories as why the name changed but there no official statement from Hasbro or Takara. You can read more about this on

As there are many review on the Classic Jetfire or Henkei Skyfire out there and basically using the same mold as Henkei jetfire , this review will mainly on the quality, paint job differents and the packaging of the figure with  the normal Henkei jetfire.  As everyone know the design of the figure is based on the IDW comic.

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Here we have the box packaging, using the Henkei box style but without the usual normal colorful box. Instead it come in blue and white , almost same blue as the Exclusive Henkei releases box such as Convoy Clear Version (Classics Voyager Optimus Prime Redeco, Tokyo Toy Show 2008 exclusive) but more darker blue. Probably try imitate the scene where Jetfire was frozen in Ice block in G1. Surprisingly even though using the Henkei box style, all the text are in English (minus the Henkei logo/wrinting on top left)

Cybertron Con 2013 Jetfire Front packaging
Clear Convoy Box packaging
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Cybertron Con 2013 Jetfire Back packaging 
Inside the Box :

Instead of one instruction sheet, it come with 2 different language instruction sheets! One in English and another one in Chinese.

 English language instruction sheet

The Chinese language instruction sheet

Here we have the figure with all the accessories outside the box, the most prominent difference between this figure and Henkei jetfire is that there absolutely no chrome at all! It have red metallic paint instead of normal red paint on Henkei. The white colour use for the figure is also the same as Henkei ( Note : it look more yellowish white on picture because of my light setting. I am sorry for that )

The missile come with figure are solid white instead on transparent white for Henkei or Blue transparent for Classic Jetfire.

Same number of accessories as Henkei or Classic jetfire
Jetifre in 'Super robot Mode'
The other main difference with other jetfire releases is present of the Decepticons logo on the wing! As some of you know in the original G1 series, jetfire was originally Decepticons due to his friendship Starscream with before he change his alliance to Autobots. Some may dislike the duo symbol but i think is a nice homage to G1 in my opinion. Plus the Decepticon symbol is hidden on the back of wing when in Robot mode.

Decepticons symbol on the wings

Closer view of the Decepticon symbol
The exhaust pipes on the Rocket booster are metallic grey instead of chrome finish on the Henkei jetfire

 From Side view

Closer view of the metallic grey exhaust pipes.

The quality of the figure are probably a bit lower than the original release. One of the problem is the nosecone of jet can't lock properly. I am not sure if this are universal problem or only me facing this problem. Other than that the paint jobs are sloppy. Some of the red metallic paints is not even.

One of the QC problems.

In Robot mode :

Here we have some comparison with other Figures.

With Classic Wheeljack and Henkei Sideswipe

With FOC Starscream

With Henkei Megatron

Same white light piping with Henkei. (Classic is Blue)

With Helmet on. Same red color visor with henkei (Classic is blue visor)

In Jet Mode :

Same as the original releases, Jetfire transform into mixture of F-14 Tomcat and F-22 Raptor jet.

Top view

Underneath of jet View

With Rocket Booster

From Side view

With Classic Red alert

With Generation Triple changer Blitzwing

For those that still looking for Classic/Henkei jetifre and can't wait anymore, go get this version! As the price for the original version in the secondary market have rise up, its a nice substitute for the original release and much more easier to get. A bit more affordable in my opinion, around Rm150-Rm180 or 50-60 dollar here in Asia market.

Alright folk, that all for my first review. Stay tune for the next review on third party company figure, Cubex - Old timer Series 01 - Engineer Huff.
Feel free to drop any comments below. Thank you very-very much for reading :D